Licensing Data

Modex collects licensing data from a variety of regulators, agencies, and authorities nationwide. Licensing data allows us to see a variety of data on different mortgage entities (loan officers, branches, and companies) including office locations, license history, employers, and more. 

How often is data refreshed? How historical is the data? How up-to-date is the data?

Modex refreshes its licensing data on a monthly basis. There historical nature of the data depends on what fields we're looking at. Office location data goes back to May 2021 and licensing/employment data goes back as far as 2006. Since licensing data has to be updated promptly by the loan officer, branch, and company our data is as up-to-date as our refresh date.

What is the coverage of the licensing data?

Our licensing data is nationwide. We collect data on mortgage entities (loan officers, branches, and companies) in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and, a few US Territories (Puerto Rico, Guam, etc). 

How are employment metrics and licensing data related? 

Modex calculates employment metrics (Licensed Employment History, 10 Year Licensing History, Current Employment) by looking at loan officer licensing/registration date ranges. A few notes:

  1. If you were in the mortgage industry prior to 2006, we will not have your employment/licensing data. That means that we only show a maximum of 16 years in the mortgage industry. 
  2. Licensing data does not show intra-company transfers. If you worked at ABC Mortgage and moved to a different ABC Mortgage location, we still consider that the same employer.

How does licensing data effect loan officer office locations?

Most loan officers are licensed to a branch or office location, which is the most accurate. In some scenarios, a loan officer may be licensed to their corporate headquarters. If you are looking up a loan officer, but cannot find them in Modex it may be because your subscription is state restricted and the loan officer you're looking for has an office location of their corporate headquarters. Please contact Modex Support for assistance.

How does Modex handle branches from both state-licensed and federally-registered companies? 

Licensing data provides Modex with information on state-licensed branches. We have taken the extra step of generating federally-registered branches by using a variety of techniques and data available to us. Can't find a specific branch in Modex? Branches from licensing data and branches that company's list of their website (or other means) do not always line up! Please contact Modex Support if you need further clarification.

Why can't I find a loan officer in Modex?

Modex only activates loan officers, branches, and companies based upon whether they have an active license or not. So, if a loan officer let their license lapse recently, you will not see them in our data. That doesn't mean we don't have information on them, it just means we aren't showing it to our clients at this time. If that loan officer gets licensed again, their profile will show back up in Modex will all the data that we have available. 

Why do we do this? Much of Modex's functionality revolves are office locations and employers. With out a license we do not know who your employer is or your office location. We will likely change this in the future so our client's can see all loan officer (both license/registered and not) in our database. 

Why can't I find a branch in Modex even though it's licensed?

A branch can be licensed but have not loan officers (or branch managers) associated with it. When this happens we disable that Branch Detail Page in Modex because there would be no production data for us to display or useful value for our clients. Please contact Modex Support if you need further clarification.

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