Job History Metrics

Modex provides three employment metrics: Licensed Employment History, 10 Year Licensing History, and Current Employment.

  1. Licensed Employment History: This metric is looking at how long someone has been in the licensed (since licensing data was centrally collected). This does not represent all employment history, but only employment history during year which a loan officer was licensed (and Modex has data available). 
  2. 10 Year Licensing History: This metric looks at how many jobs someone has had in the last 10 years. Specifically we're looking at licensing changes. This only reflect when a loan officer changes from one company to another. It would not include changes from one branch to another branch at the same company. 
  3. Current Employment: This metric looks at how loan a loan officer has been licensed at their current employer.

Most of our employment data is driven by licensing data and considered very accurate. If you encounter questionable employment data, we'd love to know about it so we can correct it. Contact Modex Support if you have additional questions.

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