One of the most innovative components of Modex is our messaging functionality. The messaging functionality allows you to engage recruiters and new employers in a confidential, and anonymous manner. Want to see other employer options? Worried about your current employer finding out? Want a backup employer? Use Modex to do all this.

There are two methods of being messaged in the platform:

  1. Anonymously through the hands raised page
  2. Normally (without anonymity) through your profile page

If you have "Raised your Hand" looking for job opportunities, we put you into a confidential pool where Modex Recruit (recruiters) users can see a portion of your business, but they cannot see your name, employer, or NMLS ID. If they so choose, they can message you. When they message you via the Hands Raised page, you will be anonymous. 

You can access your messages via the "Messages" menu link. If you have outstanding messages, we will alert you (see image above). We will also send you a daily email digest of your unread Modex messages. Login to Modex to read them! 

When you click into a message, you will be able to see who you're chatting with, message them, or reveal your identity. Remember, when you click the "Reveal Your Identity" button, that Modex Recruit user will know your identity! Only click this button when you are ready to make a move. 

Modex Recruit users can also message you if you don't have your hand raised. If you hand isn't raised, you will not be anonymous. Have questions or need clarity on this? Please message support! Your privacy and confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us!

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