Raise Your Hand

Modex enables your to engage the mortgage employment market in a secure and confidential manner. We take your confidentiality seriously and will do everything in our power to ensure your identity is protected when you're searching for other job opportunities. 

  1. To start looking for job opportunities (we call "Raising Your Hand"), login to your Modex account! 
  2. After you login to your profile, on the right side of your screen you'll see an area about "Raise Your Hand".
  3. Click the "Lowered" switch to start the search process. After you click the switch we will confirm that you want to start looking for job opportunities. Once, complete you'll be put into a pool where recruiters can see some of your production history, but not your identity (no name, company, city, or NMLS ID).

Done with your job search? Just go to your Modex Profile and click the "Raised" button and you'll be removed from the hiring pool.

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