Modex Score

A Modex Score is a proprietary performance indicator into the profitability of a loan officer in their area of business. For loan officers, it can be used to rank yourself against others nearby and see how 'employable' you are. 

Using a scale of 0 to 100, a Modex Score looks at the profitability of a loan officer against their peers in their geographic area. To generate a fair score, we look at loan officers in nearby geographic areas. A Modex Score takes several months of loan volume, professional experience, regulatory action, and a variety of other factors into account. Modex Scores are generated on a monthly basis. 

A common question is, how can I raise my Modex Score? The fastest way to increase your Modex Score is to increase your production. As stated above, the Modex Score is based upon a variety of variables, but it is heavily weighted on production volume and units. Have more questions? Contact support! 

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