Managing and Using Saved Filters

Note: Saved Filters used to be called Candidate Profiles.

Saved Filters management can be found on the loan officer filtering page. Saved Filters only apply to loan officers. After you login to your Modex Recruit account, navigate to the loan officer filtering page. 

Once on the loan officer filtering page, click "Saved Filters" on the top left. 

From this page you can delete Saved Filter, apply them, and enable/disable Email Notifications. 

  1. Deleting Saved Filters: Hover next to the name of the Saved Filter and a trash can will appear. Click the trash can to delete the Saved Filter.
  2. Applying Saved Filters: On the far right of the screen, click "Apply Filters" to apply that Saved Filter. After clicking "Apply Filters" you will be redirected to filtering with that Saved Filter applied.
  3. Enable/Disable Email Notification: Beneath the Saved Filter name there is a "switch" that allows you to enable/disable email notifications. Click the "switch" and you'll see the slider slide and turn green to enable email notifications. Click the slider again and you will disable email notifications. 

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